2020 Workshop dates:
Christchurch:  Nov 21/22 (full)
Wellington:  Aug 29/30th & Sept 12/13th 

Platinum printing is incredibly beautiful, tactile and archival and if you are interested in learning how to make your own platinum prints then get in touch for a teaching workshop for the perfect introduction.  The 2 day workshop is intensive and hands-on with the emphasis being solely on printing and is designed so you will leave with a solid understanding of the process to continue printing when you return home. 

Over the two days you will learn how to,

    • setup and use an inkjet printer to make digital negatives
    • use brushes and glass rods to hand-coat watercolour cotton rag papers with platinum and palladium solutions
    • control hue and contrast of the final print
    • use a contact printing frame and expose to ultra violet light
    • process your prints to archival standards so that these remarkable prints will last many generations into the future
    • identify and troubleshoot common problems

The first day we spend learning how to establish print exposure settings and how to print and calibrate digital negatives of your images using an inkjet printer. By the end of the first day you will be making your first full size print.  The second day we continue printing your images learning how to control hue and tone, fine tuning your digital negatives and how to troubleshoot the process. 

We will be making prints from your digital image files and you are encouraged to bring your own digital images to print.  Further guidance on the images and format will be sent to you nearer the time.

I have prepared detailed notes that are yours to take away including where to find the materials and equipment you will need when you get home. Get in touch using the reply section below if you have any questions or wish to make a booking.

I’m also happy to discuss if you have some specific outcomes you wish to explore in a one a on one workshop at my place or yours, whether you are a beginner or  someone who wants to explore the many variations possible with the platinum and palladium process.



  1. Andris Apse
    17th September 2018

    Hi Stuart, As you know I attended a Platinum/Palladium workshop in San Francisco run by Mark Nelson which inspired me to investigate producing my own P/P prints. However, I found the technical and equipment requirements daunting and expensive for me and I temporarily shelved the project. Then I met you which inspired me to look again and dare to believe that it might be possible. After very thorough and detailed ( patient ) training from you I am producing my own prints. The procedural documents you prepared for me are all I could have hoped for. Even a nincompoop like me can follow your precise directions, and I can acquire the equipment, materials and chemicals needed through the list of contacts you gave me.

    The formidable equipment list I thought I needed after the San Francisco workshop has been whittled down to TradeMe and Bunnings alternatives which cost a fraction of my original estimates.

    I think anyone visiting you in your darkroom will very quickly realise that you are extremely knowledgable, a master of improvisation and will be encouraged to give P/P or indeed other alternative printing processes a crack. Thanks again for inspiring me and having the patience to lead me through the process.


    Andris Apse
    P.O.Box 3 Whataroa
    Westland 7857. New Zealand
    Ph. 64 3 753 4241

    • stuart
      23rd October 2018

      Thanks for the message Andy, I am pleased you found the workshop rewarding and successful.
      Keep in touch with your progress and if you have any questions that I can help you with.
      Kind Regards

  2. Simon Schollum
    9th March 2020

    Thank you Stuart. Your Platinum / Palladium course was inspirational, educational and highly applicable right out of the box. Your lesson-plan and patient easy manner made each day of the course highly educational and thoroughly enjoyable. Your attention to detail and innate understanding of the various processes enabled me to be producing amazing prints on day one and target & refine through day II. I am thrilled with the images we made and take away fond memories of the warm welcome and convivial atmosphere you and your wife achieved for attendees. Thank you for sharing your personal work with so much of it derived from the other venerable processes which you have mastered and made very much your own. Your Pt/Pd course is a total immersion experience which I strongly recommend to all with an interest in alternative processes delivered at the hands of a practised Master. Congratulations to you both. Simon


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