Cyanotype from the Greek kyanos-blue is one of the oldest photographic printing processes that produces exquisite cyan-blue continuous tone prints of Prussian blue.  A relativity inexpensive process that is an excellent introduction to the world of Historical and Alternative photographic processes. These workshops are hands-on and intensive with the emphasis being solely on printing and are designed so you will leave with a solid understanding of the process so you can continue printing when you return home.


Workshops will take you through in detail,

    • how to prepare and coat watercolour cotton rag papers with cyanotype solutions
    • how to establish exposure times
    • using a contact printing frame for exposing to ultra violet light
    • processing your prints to archival standards so that they will last many generations into the future
    • bleaching and toning to change colour hue and contrast
    • identify and troubleshoot common problems
    • details on how to build some of the equipment yourself.
    • contacts for local and overseas suppliers for  equipment and materials.
    • A discussion and demonstration on calibrating and making digital negatives. If you select the two day workshop the first day provides hands on tuition to learn how to calibrate and make your own digital negatives. The same method can be applied to any of the Alternative photographic printing processes allowing you to explore the many other printing processes.

I have prepared detailed notes that are yours to take away including where to find the materials and equipment you will need when you get home. Get in touch using the reply section below if you have any questions or wish to make a booking. Limited spaces available.

I’m also happy to discuss if you want alternative dates or wish to explore the many variations possible with the cyanotype process in a one a on one workshop at my place or yours.

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