I can provide you or your clients a custom Platinum (platinum and palladium) printing service to preserve memories of your loved ones, friends and special places for many generations to come.

The exquisite quality of Platinum prints are unique and renowned for their delicate tonal scales of luminous mid tones, rich shadows and delicate highlights.

Platinum printing is history’s most beautiful photographic process and is the most archival of all photographic mediums available. It is impervious to light fading and acid damage and is capable of lasting a thousand years without change. In fact, the platinum never changes, only the paper that it is suspended on can change if the print is not properly matted and framed.

A hundred years ago the Platinum print was the most popular photographic medium among the finest of artistic media, today Platinum is once again in vogue.

How to order your prints
Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

Platinum prints are produced by contact printing with a negative. This means that the finished print will be the same size as the negative used to make it.

If you have used a large format camera to capture your image, 10×8” for example, you will therefore have a 10×8” negative from which I can produce a 10×8” print directly from it.

If you don’t have a negative the same size as the required print, I can make one for you. All you need to do is supply a digital file, tonally balanced to your liking and sized to the required dimensions at 360ppi. PSD or TIF file formats are preferred, otherwise high quality JPEGs.

Let me know the type of border you want for your print: borderless (clean edge), printed brush strokes or dark/ unprinted brush stroke borders. Choose from a cool neutral tone as below or a warm tone, shown opposite. See the examples on this page or get in touch to speak with me about your print or project that you have in mind.

On receipt of your negative or digital file I will produce a small test print (proof) for you to consider and on your approval will then produce the final print.

Once the print has been processed and is completely dry it will be protected with acid free tissues and packed securely ready for collection or posting.

Guide below includes digital file preparation and negatives printed onto transparency film using piezography inks. Get in touch to discuss your project for a no obligation quotation. All prices in NZD

Please note that an online image cannot accurately represent the unique beauty or tonal range of a platinum palladium print.

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  1. John Simpson
    25th February 2019

    I can’t say enough about Stuart’s work. He is a true craftsman and artist, his work with some of my photos has truly inspired me. If you have a special image and want the very best print available, look no further.
    J.Simpson, California, USA


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