Cyanotype from the Greek kyanos-blue is one of the oldest photographic printing processes that produces exquisite cyan-blue continuous tone prints of Prussian blue.  A relativity inexpensive and straightforward process that is an excellent introduction to the world of Historical and Alternative photographic processes.

Get in touch for this 2 day teaching workshop that is intensive and hands-on with the emphasis being solely on printing and is designed so you will leave with a solid understanding of the process to continue printing when you return home.

Over the two days you will learn how to,

    • setup and use an inkjet printer to make digital negatives
    • select and prepare your paper
    • use brushes and glass rods to hand-coat with cyanotype solution
    • control contrast of the final print
    • use a contact printing frame and expose to ultra violet light
    • process your prints so that will last many generations into the future
    • identify and troubleshoot common problems

We will be  making negatives from digital image files and you will be encouraged to bring your own digital images to print.